New Bed Linen

30 Dec New Bed Linen

New Bed Linen

new bed linenAll new bed linen, because as stated in our rooms page, the 3 Cs (Cleanliness, Comfort and Cosiness), are of ultimate importance to us here at Strathassynt. We want our guests to be comfortable and cosy when staying with us, and of course, everything has to be spotlessly clean. We also recognise that the rooms should also be pleasing to the eye and that currently, what we inherited is a little dated.

Room improvement plan

With this in mind, we’ve just invested in the first step of our room improvements plan – crisp, white bed linen, cosy duvets and soft towels. Gone are that tatty bedspreads and duvet covers with the gaudy pattern, all replaced with clean, comfortable and cosy bed linen.

And to add a bit of colour, there’s some lovely bed runners and cushions there too.
New, professional photos will follow shortly, and we’ll keep you posted on the upgrades as they happen.