Sunshine on Ballachulish, Glencoe and Loch Leven

19 Mar Sunshine on Ballachulish, Glencoe and Loch Leven

Ballachulish, Glencoe and Loch Leven

There’s no doubt about it, November and December in this part of the world were miserable. It just seemed to be storm after storm, but since then it’s not been too bad. And the last couple of weeks have been quite amazing – the sunshine in Glencoe and Loch Levensun has been shining and we’ve been treated to blue cloudless skies. When watching the BBC weather forecast, it often happens that we get envious of the rest of the country as it basks in sunshine while a thick band of cloud deliver bucket loads of rain lies down the West Coast highlands. But apparently over the last couple of weeks, it’s been the other way round, and we’ve even had guests arrive saying the sun appeared as they reached Glencoe.

Making the most of it

And we’ve been enjoying it, believe me. Every chance we get we’re out walking in the stunning scenery. This morning, Mila and I headed out and were immediately struck by the beauty of the sun shining on the snow-capped Sgorr Bhan at the start of the Ballachulish Horseshoe Ridge. Really something special.

After some time in the swing park, we took the path down along the side the burn that flows through the village, Sgorr Bhan through the treesagain taking a moment to take a look up to Sgorr Bhan through the trees, and down to Loch Leven. There was hardly a breath in the air, and the water was almost flat clam. The view up past Ballachulish Bridge to the mountains (again, snow-capped) of the Ardnamurchan Peninsula was something to behold. We spent some time there, throwing stones in the water, and simply savouring the scenes and the fresh frosty air.

Later in the day, after a brief trip to Fort William, we stopped just short of the Ballachulish Bridge to take in the sun going down across Loch Linnhe. We were treated to a moon high in the sky above the mountains at base of Glencoe, the descending sun casting shadows across the Horseshoe Ridge, and the sun slowly sinking behind the aforementioned mountains of Ardnamurchan.

Breath-taking scenery

I often say that the scenery around here is breath-taking no matter the weather, and even on a stormy day with the mountains shrouded in cloud, there’s simply something wonderful about the place. But when the sun shines… Well… No words can describe the beauty and tranquillity of this wonderful part of the world.


Ballachulish Bridge and Ardnamurchan beyond

The moon over Glencoe


A snow-capped horseshoe Ridge

A snow-capped horseshoe Ridge

The sun sets behind the mountains of Ardnamurchan

The sun sets behind the mountains of Ardnamurchan