An Incredible Sunset over Loch Leven

12 Apr An Incredible Sunset over Loch Leven

Loch Leven

It’s not uncommon around here to have your breath taken away, and that’s exactly what happened to the three of us last night. I had, actually, noticed a very nice sunset sky from a rear window the evening before, and was disappointed I wasn’t in a place to take a photograph. I made a mental note to get out at the same time the next evening. But as is often the case, my mental note was forgotten by the time yesterday evening came around. However, by complete luck, Katya and I decided to take Mila out for a walk down by the banks of Loch Leven just after dinner. And thank goodness we did.
We were just playing around with Mila on the way down there, with our attention on her, and not at all in an upward direction. She was running, and we were chasing her. And passing under the underpass we played our usual game of shouting very loud and listening to the echoes reverberate. Coming out the other side we saw our friend Colin down in the car park beside the Marina, and went to chat with him for a bit. It wasn’t until we’d finished chatting and started down to the loch side to partake of one of Mila’s favourite pastimes – throwing rocks in the loch – that our eyes looked out over the loch and our breaths were taken. Not much more to say, except, LOOK AT THAT!
Sunset over Loch Leven